Integrating AI

to improve


Our Expertise


Strategic Advisory

Our specialisation is based in healthcare data expertise, and our track record in Executive and Board Advisory makes us a much sought-after collaborator in business improvement. Pallas AI ensures that what matters gets measured, managed and continuously improved.


System Optimisation

Pallas AI creates tools to help forecast, roster and reallocate staff and resources based on your data, not opinion. Optimise and make labour allocation and utilisation calls based on observable real-time data flowing through the organisation and learning from patterns in the historical data, to smooth upward and downward spikes in operational activity levels.


Implementation & Operational Excellence

Reviewing and implementing modern best practices and International standards across healthcare provider and large organisations.  Whilst exceeding the stringent privacy and data security requirements of the healthcare sector.


Why Pallas AI?

We ensure what matters gets measured, managed, and continuously improved so that healthcare leaders are empowered with greater intelligence and greater confidence with decision making.

Better outcomes in health begin with a better system. A simple conversation is all that is needed to get started.

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