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With extensive experience in technology consultancy, Pallas AI can guide your government department through the issues, risks and benefits of the ever-growing uptake of AI in the workplace.

Pallas AI Advisory Services for Government Departments


Pallas AI will drive the development and roll-out of a AI & technology strategy in alignment with the overarching strategic plan, ensuring technology supports the delivery of business objectives. This will include the use of Generative AI tools and solutions like ChatGPT, and how best to leverage these technologies to drive productivity benefits.

We conduct detailed stakeholder consultation in the process, ensuring valuable feedback is incorporated in planning to improve operational efficiency.

People & Culture

Pallas AI undertakes a comprehensive review of the current operating model with a view to drive improvements in productivity. We then provide structure over these improvements and changes to behaviour, including detailed policies, procedures and updates to roles and responsibilities within job description frameworks (JDFs) to operationalise the use of Generative AI tools like ChatGPT for better outcomes for the WA Community. 

Safety & Quality

We can drive and support the improvement to quality, safety and innovation standards for organisations based on International and Australian best practices and standards – ultimately ensuring that when AI is deployed at your Government organisation it is safe, reliable, high quality and compliant with all relevant legislation and regulatory frameworks.

AI is here to stay, make sure your organisation harnesses it and is prepared for it. 

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Meet some of our Senior Advisory team

Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Managing Director & Senior Advisor

Arun Reddy

Chief Data Scientist & Senior Advisor

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