Intelligent Revenue Cycle Management

Comprising three levels of support for Clinical Coders and Hospital Executive in private healthcare,
Cerebrum serves as an additional aid for intelligent revenue assurance.

We care about the Coders. The Coder Companion optimises the efforts of Clinical Coders, providing assurance to maximise ROI and drive greater outcomes for healthcare providers.

The Integrated Coder Companion is the comprehensive solution for maximising coding effectiveness, integrating with existing systems to deliver greater efficiency through automation.

The complete intelligent solution and Clinical Coder’s ultimate tool. Coder Companion AI uses artificial intelligence to deliver complete support.

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Cerebrum is a supportive toolset designed to help and not hinder your Clinical Coding, HIM, Revenue and Fund teams – whilst empowering decision making at the Executive level with dashboards and insights.

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An Integrated Solution

For tailored and ongoing clinical coding and revenue assurance.

We can integrate in to your PAS and other Grouper Solutions like 3M for a more permanent solution. This involves connecting our solution and integrating them with your hospital’s unique configuration (e.g. PAS, Codefinder, other tools). 

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