Bespoke AI advisory & Consultancy Services

Business Optimisation

Implementation plans and their associated frameworks are standard documents held as part of Pallas AI methodology. These plans and policies are built upon a framework of successful support activities worldwide.

Clinical AI

Pallas AI has proven capabilities in developing digital tools to support clinicians and specialist roles, such as digital pathology to detect specimen abnormalities in real-time and efficiently prioritise workflows to focus on high-risk cases.

Resource Optimisation

Optimise and make labour allocation and utilisation calls based on observable real-time data flowing through the organisation and learning from patterns in the historical data.

Cost Effective, Tangible Value

Your ideal solution does not exist. yet.

Our tech-agnostic approach allows large-scale healthcare organisations to deliver superior patient care, achieve operational excellence, make life easier at the clinical level and improve decision-making at the executive level. Pallas AI clients have experienced as high as 11x returns on their investment, with 10% gains in productivity.

Put your full spectrum of healthcare services in focus.

Advisory Services


Pallas AI uses industry-leading expertise to deliver advisory services to organisational leaders. We identify relevant current and emerging trends which deliver insights to previously hidden areas of value. Our style is analogous to Tier-1 ‘Big Four’ Consultants and our audience is C-Suite Executive¬† which we engage and deliver value through high-quality presentations and reports to be used throughout the organisation. We provide the ultimate in responsiveness with dedicated 24×7 support to Executive teams allowing us to integrate and provide immersive ‘partner level’ support and attendance at Board meetings to provide assurance that risk is being managed.

Integrated Strategic Direction

Immersive and tailored strategic direction to support organisations in achieving operational excellence is in our DNA. Pallas AI guides and supports in the delivery of strategic plans that are integrated, measurable, achievable and provide tangible value to the organisation.

We develop clear and actionable steps, aligning interests and guiding positive behaviours across teams to deliver high value outcomes for the organisation.

Technology & Business Integration

Pallas AI integrates technology with business operations, from strategy to project delivery. Most importantly, enterprise operational systems (clinical and business) are optimised for high performance to empower greater patient care and deliver business outcomes. We shape contemporary technology operating models that deliver functional output, repeatably and reliably.

Implementing Data-based Initiatives

While our specialisation is based in healthcare data expertise, our willingness to collaborate with larger consultancy firms makes us a much sought-after collaborator in business improvement. Pallas AI ensures that what matters gets measured, managed and continuously improved.

Process Automation and AI

Successful digital transformation begins with a Technology and Strategy Roadmap. We help organisations advance their digital maturity by connecting the business strategy to a technology strategy. By better understanding your challenges, opportunities, and goals we can design a technology strategy that leverages existing digital assets while improving upon existing technology.

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Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Managing Director & Senior Advisor

Arun Reddy

Chief Data Scientist & Senior Advisor

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