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Each day, private healthcare organisations across Australia process thousands of patient episodes and rely on precise clinical coding for revenue accuracy. With such high volumes of data across a range of different systems, small errors in processing can add up to significant losses in revenue for the organisation.

Pallas AI is dedicated to revolutionising healthcare and empowering individuals through smart technology and genuine partnerships. Our mission is to drive better outcomes for healthcare providers and patients alike.

Through the enablement of error-free coding, healthcare providers can recover up to millions of dollars’ worth of revenue. This empowers greater investment into resources, including staffing and equipment, so patients can receive the best possible care and experience.

Introducing Cerebrum

Cerebrum is Pallas AI’s flagship solution for intelligent revenue cycle management. Comprising three levels of support for Clinical Coders and Hospital Executive, Cerebrum serves as a technological companion to ensure optimal coding effectiveness while providing valuable insights to Clinical Coders and decision-makers.

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