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By using the services of Pallas AI, you are ensuring the least risk and most value accretive path is undertaken.

International and Australian Standards combined with industry best practice are standard frameworks and documents held as part of Pallas AI methodology. These plans, procedures and policies are built upon a framework of successful support activities worldwide.

Integrating AI to improve three key areas:

How can Pallas AI benefit me?

AI and system design to improve organisational health.

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Pallas AI’s focus on intelligence in health is the product of years of expertise in private healthcare systems. We know them inside and out. We speak the same language as our industry stakeholders, connecting clinicians, patients, providers, and business support in ways which ensure valuable outcomes are delivered for the organisation including enhanced patient care and clinician experiences.


Pallas AI is an approved vendor listed on the WA Government Common Use Agreement for ICT Services in all three categories. Having worked with WA Government agencies across the years, we understand the importance of getting the correct strategy in place which builds alignment, is consultative, data-driven, and substantiated to deliver benefits to the community we serve.

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